Welsh Power plans biomass power plant in U.K.

By Anna Austin
Web exclusive posted Sept. 30, 2008 at 3:09 p.m. CST

Cec Generation Ltd., a subsidiary of United Kingdom-based Welsh Power Group Ltd., has announced plans for its first 100 percent green power plant in the town of Newport in South Wales, United Kingdom.

On Sept. 24, Cec submitted plans to the Newport city council for the 49.9 megawatt biomass power plant, which will be built on a 10-acre brownfield site at Newport Docks, an industrial works location. The company said the proposed site will be advantageous, as the city's south dock is capable of accommodating large feedstock shipments sufficient for the project's fuel demand.

The power plant, which will be known as Nevis Power and will operate on wood chips and energy crops, is expected to generate enough electricity to power approximately 50,000 homes in the Newport area.

Prior to the proposal, an extensive environmental assessment and consultation process was done on the development and operation of Nevis Power, according to a scope agreed with the city council. The scope was designed to minimize local environmental impacts, and to keep road traffic to a minimum.

"We have consulted extensively with all interested environmental bodies, and pride ourselves in the fact that Nevis Power is designed to have a zero carbon footprint, and will use the very best available technology to maximize its efficient and keep it 100 percent green," said Alex Lambie, chief executive officer of Welsh Power.

Construction of the facility is expected to create up to 200 jobs, 30 of which will be permanent. Upon being granted construction permission from the city council, it's estimated the project will take between 24 and 29 months to complete.

Welsh Power Group has six subsidiary companies and serves the United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East.