Nexterra biomass gasifier emissions test complete

By | October 27, 2010

Biomass gasification heat and power system developer Nexterra Systems Corp. has received the results from a third-party emissions test indicating that Nexterra’s facilities produce “best in class” air emissions when compared with conventional biomass combustion technologies.

Levelton Consultants Ltd. performed the tests, comparing air emissions from four Nexterra gasification facilities at Dockside, Kruger, and Tolko in British Columbia and the University of South Carolina, with 17 biomass direct combustion facilities and four fossil fuel direct combustion facilities.

The report found that the Nexterra systems had significantly lower carbon monoxide emissions than other plants (less than 2 percent of surveyed biomass combustion plant emissions), and lower volatile organic compound emissions (less than 3 percent of surveyed system emissions). Additionally, Nexterra systems were able to achieve similar levels of particulate matter emissions from the cleanest combustion systems with less equipment, according to test results.

For certain types of emissions, Nexterra’s plants were found to produce emissions that were equivalent to or lower than natural gas combustion. Levelton also determined that Nexterra’s systems would be capable of meeting the U.S. EPA’s proposed boiler Maximum Achievable Control Technology particulate matter and carbon limits for both area and major source rules.

“We think this information is valuable to the industry, as it again reaffirms that biomass is not dirty and can be suitable to urban environments,” said Nexterra President and CEO Jonathan Rhone.

To date, Nexterra has installed four commercial-scale gasification systems in North America, and has four more in the planning/construction stages, including a 2-megawatt (MW) combined-heat-and-power (CHP) gasification system at the University of British Columbia and a 2-MW CHP system in Catawba County, N.C.

Nexterra Business Development Manager Darcy Quinn said Nexterra is developing a number of additional projects that the company will announce soon.