Real Ventures announces 2 wood-fired CHP projects in U.K.

By Lisa Gibson | June 15, 2011

Real Ventures is proposing two 50-megawatt (MW) biomass-fired combined-heat-and-power projects in its home country of the U.K., dubbing their development “The Reality Project.”

Together, the projects, located in Immingham and on the Isle of Wight, represent an investment of £260 million ($422 million) in facilities that will use virgin wood fuel from the U.K. and Europe, according to the company. Both projects would employ what Real Ventures calls its high-efficiency combustion process, each delivering a carbon savings of 190,000 metric tons (209,000 tons) per year.

The Immingham plant alone will cost an estimated £130 million and is expected to be commissioned in 2014. The energy center is to be built at the Port of Immingham, one of the U.K.’s largest by tonnage, and will provide about 35 permanent jobs for the northeast Lincolnshire town. In addition, the facility will create 200 to 250 jobs during the 30-month construction from 2012 to 2014, according to Real Ventures.

The Isle of Wight facility was proposed in 2010 for the former Stag Lane Landfill site. The facility will be capable of producing up to 66 percent of the electricity demand for the Isle of Wight, according to the company, and will provide 35 permanent jobs, as well as 100 to 200 during construction. Like its Immingham twin, the facility is expected to come on line in 2014.

The Isle of Wight also has an operational waste-to-energy facility using a gasification technology developed by Energos Ltd., a Norwegian company acquired by Ener-G in 2004. The system produces 2.3 MW of electricity from about 30,000 tons of fuel created from 60,000 to 70,000 tons of locally collected waste, processed by a nearby waste recovery facility.