Biomass Secure Power building pellet plant in BC

By Anna Austin | June 16, 2011

Biomass Secure Power has announced official plans for its first torrefied wood pellet plant to be located in British Columbia, Canada.

The plant will produce 500,000 metric tons of whitewood pellets per year, according to CEO Jim Carroll. He said the company will harvest the wood fiber itself, and contract a small amount from some logging companies.

Carroll said all of the pellets produced will be shipped to Europe, as the company has long-term supply contracts in place. There, they will be cofired with coal in power plants.

Biomass Secure Power plans to build similar plants in the near future, and is working on closing financing for them. “Plans are in place to build two additional plants that will bring our total production to 1.8 million [metric] tons per year,” Carroll said. All of the plants will be built in British Columbia

The company plans to begin construction beginning of July, with a complete date set for September 2012.