BTEC praises Biomass Caucus formation, calls for more members

By Biomass Thermal Energy Council | July 14, 2011

The Biomass Thermal Energy Council on July 14 applauded the formation of the first Congressional Biomass Caucus. Led by Rep. Charlie Bass, R-N.H., and Peter Welch, D-VT., this coalition will seek to support the development of biomass and elevate the renewable resource's profile in Congress.

"We strongly support the creation of the Biomass Caucus and commend the leadership of Reps. Bass and Rep. Welch, as we believe the caucus will become a venue for members of Congress to discover the role biomass can play in meeting the nation's goals of job creation and energy independence," said Joseph Seymour, acting BTEC executive director. "With thermal energy representing roughly one-third of our country's energy consumption, utilizing biomass for heating and combined-heat-and-power applications makes sense for displacing fossil fuels and boosting rural economies."

Yesterday, Reps. Bass and Welch began circulating a "Dear Colleague" letter encouraging other members of Congress to join the caucus.

"Biomass thermal advocates from all scales, regions, and feedstocks should reach out to their elected representatives in the House and encourage them to join this caucus," Seymour said. "Not long ago, biomass thermal was essentially unknown in Congress, but today, with the formation of the caucus and the continued work of BTEC and other allied groups, we can continue to support the growth of our industry and its millions of residential, commercial, and industrial end users."

For more information on encouraging your member of Congress to join the caucus, visit and use the "Find Your Representative" search function on the upper right corner of the homepage. Members of Congress who are interested in learning more about the caucus are encouraged to contact Lucy McFadden in Rep. Bass's office or Mary Sprayregen in Rep. Welch's office.