BTEC webinar to focus on wood heat in the West

By Anna Austin | November 02, 2011

While biomass heat is typically thought of as a good option for the Northeast and Midwest, it also has a place in the West, as it can create jobs and sustainably manage private and public forests.

In order to discuss wood heat in the West and ways to overcome technical and logistical challenges, the Biomass Thermal Energy Council will present the second installment of a three-part webinar mini-series that is examining biomass heating in different regions of the country.

“Regional Developments of Biomass Energy-Western Region” will be held on Nov. 10 at 4 p.m. ET. It will include a current overview of the West’s biomass heating use, discussion on barriers and opportunities for market development, and examination of successful biomass policies.

Webinar speakers include Sustainable Northwest Program Manager Chad Davis, Oregon Department of Forestry Biomass Resource Specialist Marcus Kauffman, and USDA Regional Biomass Utilization Coordinator for Regions 1 & 4 Angela Farr. The panel will be moderated by BTEC Acting Executive Director Joseph Seymour.

The webinar is free and advanced registration is required. To register, visit

The webinar marks the 11th in a 14-part series hosted by BTEC, supported by the Northeast Biomass Thermal Working Group and funded in part by the U.S. Forest Service's Wood Education and Resource Center.