Biomass Secure Power names torrefied pellet plant site

By Anna Austin | November 08, 2011

Biomass Secure Power Inc. has named the location of its previously announced torrefied wood pellet plant—a 30-acre site at Cowichan Lake on southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

The plant will be the company’s first, and will initially have one pilot line capable of producing up to 250,000 metric tons. “Production initially will be white pellets, [but] we’ll install our torrefaction equipment to test it and prove our production numbers,” said Biomass Secure Power Inc. CEO Jim Carroll. “Once we complete our testing, we will convert it to produce all torrefied pellets.”

The torrefaction system was designed and is being built by the company itself. Once it is proven, the company plans to license the technology to other pellet manufacturers. Carroll said Biomass Secure Power will retain the ability to produce white wood pellets, however, when there is a demand for them.

Pellet production at the first plant will be used to fulfill a 10-year, 250,000-metric ton supply agreement made with LG International Corp.

Plans are already in the works for additional plants. Biomass Secure Power has identified sites for two additional facilities in British Columbia, according to  Carroll, which will be built in 2012 and 2013.