DP CleanTech grows with European biomass industry

By Anna Austin | January 23, 2012

DP CleanTech has set up a new European headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, attributing its decision to the country’s rapidly expanding biomass industry.

DP CleanTech built one of the first straw-fired power plants in the world in Denmark, which was commissioned in 1990 and is still running today. More recently, the company began a project to convert a coal-fired power plant in Thailand to run instead on waste wood and eucalyptus bark.

Though the Asian market is expanding, much of the biomass market in Europe still comes from Scandinavian countries, said DP CleanTech Marketing Communicator Charlie Parker. The new office is much larger than anything the company has had previously, he added.

Besides Scandinavia, the company expects major growth in the biomass and waste-to-energy power plant industries in the U.K. and Eastern Europe, mainly because of implementation of government policies and increased demand for maintenance and upgrades for existing biomass and waste-to-energy facilities. “We are seeing a huge growth in demand for our maintenance services coming from Scandinavian countries, where the market is already quite well established,” said Laust Knudsen, global head of servicing at DP CleanTech. “Many of the biomass and waste-to-energy power plants have been in operation for many years now, and furthermore, advances in technology in recent years mean plant owners are looking to benefit from higher efficiencies and better plant availability.” 

The announcement of the new Copenhagen headquarters follows the recent opening of new offices in the U.K. and Thailand, and a workshop in Poland.