Legacy biomass bill heads to Wash. governor's desk

By Luke Geiver | March 01, 2012

The Legacy Biomass Bill (SB5575) that would allow new sources of biomass to qualify as renewable is only one signature away from becoming law in Washington State. The bill will also extend qualification for renewable energy credits to biomass facilities in operation prior to 1999.

After passing in the House with a vote of 89-9, and passing in the Senate with a vote of 45-1, the bill, sponsored by State Sen. Brian Hatfield, D-Raymond, now moves on to the governor for final passage.

Since its creation, Hatfield has championed the bill as a job saver for the state. He has emphasized that it would allow mills faced with difficult regulations for further operation to remain in operation, while also qualifying for renewable energy credits if they use hog fuel or black liquor as boiler fuel.

“The Legacy Biomass bill is a great first step in the preservation of hundreds of family wage jobs across the state,” said State Rep. Dean Takko. “By recognizing new sources of biomass energy, we recognize the important role that biomass plays for the environment and sustaining jobs in our communities.”

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