EPA launches waste-to-biogas mapping tool

By Anna Simet | June 08, 2012

The U.S. EPA Pacific Southwest Region has launched the Waste to Biogas Tool, an interactive map that connects organic waste producers with potential users for anaerobic digestion.

The tool is designed for decision-makers with significant technical expertise in the fields of waste management, wastewater treatment and renewable energy, according to the EPA. This includes businesses, state and local governments and non-profits.

A user can enter an address or city in California, Nevada, Arizona or Hawaii, and then select search criteria, which include dairies, dairy digesters, fat/oil/grease collection sites, food processing facilities, wastewater treatment facilities with digesters, organics collections programs, landfills, and fat/oil/grease haulers, as well as the search radius.

Upon generating results, the tool shows locations of business clusters, and provides the user with information about each site, including business name, type and phone number. A user can determine how far it is between a waste producer and an anaerobic digester, and the search function can also be reversed so generators of organic waste can search for partner facilities that will accept it.

If a user notices inaccurate information, a correct record option allows information presented on the map to be changed.

To access the tool, click here