Feedback sought on wood pellet delivery, transport recommendation

By Anna Simet | August 27, 2012

The Northeast Biomass Thermal Working Group is inviting comments on newly-released bulk pellet delivery and transportation recommendations, up until Oct. 1.

NEBTWG and a group of other stakeholders began work on the recommendations in early 2012, with a goal of detailing a common and universal document on pellet transportation and delivery to help insure the safe, efficient, bulk delivery of wood pellets in a condition suitable for use in boilers and furnaces. Many of whom helped craft the recommendations partake daily in wood pellet distribution, according to NEBTWG.

The document is presented as a set of technical recommendations intended to lead to a bulk pellet delivery standard after a significant period of industry use, review, comment, and revision. The NEBTWG noted that because of reliance on Pellet Fuel Institute standards, the recommendations only apply to the handling of bulk wood pellet fuel from the point of manufacture to the end-user's storage facility. The NEBTWG believes the recommendations could be used in the future for agricultural pellets when a similar standardization exists.

With the feedback request announcement, the NEBWG commented that a great deal of time and expertise went into this draft, but the group recognizes that additional input will improve the document as a resource for everyone involved in the biomass thermal supply chain. The ultimate goal is to help advance the market for bulk fuel delivery with a final recommendation document.

For more information on “Wood Pellets Quality and Safety Assurance for Transportation and Delivery” and how to submit feedback, click here