Maryland launches wood, pellet stove rebate program

By Anna Simet | September 11, 2012

The Maryland Energy Administration has launched a pilot rebate program for new wood and pellet stoves, which offers a $400 rebate for wood stoves and a $600 rebate for pellet stoves.

Not any stove may qualify for the program, however. Only wood stoves that are U.S. EPA certified and emit no more than 3 grams of particulates an hour and pellet stoves that emit no more than 2 grams an hour are eligible to receive a grant. Program funds are limited to $50,000, available on a first-come, first- served basis and are expected to run out quickly.

Stoves must have been purchased on or after Sept. 7. They can be purchased out of state, but must be installed in a Maryland residence.

John Acklerly, president of the Alliance for Green Heat, said the organization worked for two years to get the state to include the rebate in its renewable energy grant program. The bill was originally introduced in the Maryland legislature in 2011, drafted with assistance of the Alliance for Green Heat, but it was not approved.  Despite the legislature's inaction, the MEA decided to implement it with its existing budget. 

“This is a real victory for rural families in Maryland who need assistance with their utility bills,” Acklerly said. “The program is restricted to families who heat with oil, propane and electricity—the highest priced heating fuels—which means it will get benefits to rural areas in Maryland, principally on the eastern shore and the western counties.”

Acklerly added the Alliance for Green Heat hopes this marks the beginning of an era where states will begin to focus in technologies that are affordable to average Americans, and not just focus on solar and geothermal.  

The organization has authored a Q&A to assist Maryland homeowners with questions about the program.