Maverick Biofuels, Enerjetik sign joint development agreement

By Maverick Biofuels | September 25, 2012

Maverick Biofuels, an advanced biofuels and chemical technology company, and Enerjetik LLC, a manufacturer of advanced gasification technology, have entered into a joint technology development agreement to design and build a pilot-scale facility in Denver for the production of high-value, olefin-derived products from solid waste. The facility will feature Enerjetik's gasification technology that converts solid waste and other feedstock into synthetic gas (syngas) for use in Maverick's novel thermo-chemical process for the production of products from olefins. The project represents the first integration of these technologies into a continuous feedstock-to-product operation at pilot scale.

Maverick's novel technology produces an intermediate olefin product that can be used to produce multiple high-value products, such as mixed-alcohol fuels, propylene, and jet fuel.  The process can convert a variety of feedstock, including biomass, municipal solid waste, and natural gas into petroleum-free fuels and plastics. Short chain olefins are building blocks for the production of a myriad of products used in manufacturing, household products, clothing and transportation.

Enerjetik has developed a highly efficient gasification technology that converts feedstock such as solid waste into syngas. Enerjetik ’s EJ2 gasifier offers substantial advantages compared to existing gasification systems in terms of feedstock flexibility, higher BTU conversion rate, nominal tar production, and cost. The Enerjetik process operates in a production plant that can be built at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. This translates into greater operating efficiencies and higher ROI by enabling smaller, more economical biorefineries—opening the market to many new opportunities.

Maverick recently acquired certain pilot plant and intellectual property assets that will be used to accelerate Maverick's timeline for completion of the pilot-scale plant.  Maverick expects the Denver facility to be fully operational by mid-2013 with the goal of converting 2.5 to 5 tons of solid waste per day into 200 to 400 gals of an olefin-derived product.

"We are delighted to be working with Enerjetik on this significant project," said Sam Yenne, CEO of Maverick Biofuels. "There are many synergies between the two companies in terms of technologies, business strategy, and market focus that naturally fit together.”

"Our production technologies allow us to convert a wide variety of solid waste feedstock into high-quality syngas that is perfect fit for Maverick’s technology," said Ken Klepper, president, CEO, and founder of Enerjetik. “With the pilot facility we’ll be able to demonstrate the integration of our gasification technology with syngas conversion technology into a seamless end-to-end process. This is a very exciting opportunity for us."

“The agreement will provide Maverick with a working facility to create olefin-derived products at pilot scale,” said Yenne. “By the completion of the project, we'll have gathered the data and operational expertise required for the construction of larger scale biorefineries.”

Maverick is pursuing a hybrid business model that consists of licensing the technology along with building and operating production facilities with various partners.