Innovente to build second organic waste-to-power plant in Canada

By Luke Geiver | September 26, 2012

Canadian-based organic waste-to-power developer Innovente Inc. is adding a second renewable power production facility to its portfolio. After securing a power purchase agreement for 8.8 MW with Hydro-Quebec, the company will build a facility in Trois-Rivieres that will utilize forest residues in combination with pulp and paper sludge. The facility is set for construction in the fall of 2013, and according to the company, will begin operation in 2015.

“This new contract with Hydro-Quebec sends a clear message,” according to Richard Painchaud, president of Innovente. “We have demonstrated that our technology is effective and economically viable to produce energy, but also to tackle the problem of organic waste management.”

At its 4.6 MW combined-heat-and-power (CHP) facility in St. Patrice, Quebec, the company processes roughly 30,000 tons of organic waste per year for use in its power production process. The facility uses biosludge, food waste and other organic waste streams in a drying process before adding the biocombustibles with wood waste to form a feedstock used in energy production.

The PPA with Hydro-Quebec will last for 25 years, according to the company, and is valued at $255 million. Innovente will invest roughly $30-35 million in the Trois Rivieres project.

The St. Patrice facility will provide power to Hydo-Quebec at $0.12 per kWh for roughly 8,000 homes. To date, the company says, the facility employs 12 people, but by this summer the company will bring on nearly 40 more employees to help with the 24-hour operation schedule at the plant. In April 2012, the company received a U.S. patent for its biocombustibles drying technology the company calls, SHOC technology, Sanitation by Controlled Oxygenation.