Biobased succinic acid producers collaborate

By Luke Geiver | October 12, 2012

Belgium-based polymer and biobased product developer and supplier Proviron has partnered with Reverdia to produce and sell a biobased succinic acid product. Reverdia, a joint venture between Royal DSM and Roquette Freres, will use its yeast-based production technology to produce the di-methyl-succinate product Proviron has trademarked and named, Provichem 2511 Eco. The product can be used a coalescing agent for emulsion paints in low volatile organic compound coating applications, or according to the company, as a raw material in the manufacturing of di-methyl-succinate, which can be further processed into quinacridone pigments.

The succinic acid will be produced in Italy starting at the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013. Proviron currently produces biodiesel and has developed a microalgae cultivation segment. In 2011, the company opened an office in China.

Wim Michiels, CEO of Proviron, said that the agreement with Reverdia “is a perfect match” for the company’s mission to be a global supplier of renewable and sustainable solutions for specialty markets. In addition to the biobased succinic acid product, the Belgium company also said it is working to develop other biobased succinic acid derivatives, an area where Will van den Tweel, general manager of Reverdia, said Proviron has a strong expertise.