Cardia wins contract in China to supply biobased waste bags

By Erin Voegele | December 27, 2012

Australia-based Cardia Bioplastics Ltd. has announced an exclusive annual supply contract with the Shanghai Pudong City District in China. According to Cardia Bioplastics, under the contract it will supply an estimated $1.2 million worth of its trademarked Biohybrid renewable kitchen waste bags to approximately 20 percent of the households in the region each year.

The contract was awarded after a successful six-month trial of Cardia’s products in the region. The trial was completed in 2012. According to information published by Cardia Bioplastics, three other city councils in China have also conducted waste management trials using the product, including those in Nanjing, Hangzhou and Yuhang. The company notes it is looking to expand in other provinces of China as well.

According to product information published by Cardia Bioplastics, its Biohybrid resins are a blend of renewable thermoplastic materials and traditional polyolefins, and contain up to 50 percent renewable content. In addition to garbage bags, the material can also be used to produce blow molded bottles, injection molded closures, food utensils, pens, foams and a variety of other products.

Regarding the new supply contract, Cardia Bioplastics said that the move opens up significant opportunities for it to grow and expand its global distribution of organic waste management products.

“This marks another important milestone for Cardia,” said Frank Glatz, managing director of Cardia Bioplastics. “The success of winning this contract is a result of our superior product technology and effective supply capability through our manufacturing plant in Nanjing, China. Through our successful pilot programs, which are already in place in other key districts in China (Nanjing, Hangzhou and Yuhang) we are confident in our corporate strategy of securing additional long term contracts in China.”

“We are delighted with this outcome and we will continue to develop and maintain strong Government relationships to work with China City Councils towards managing household waste sustainability and reducing their environmental footprint,” added Jackie Chen, Cardia Bioplastics director and head of China operations.

The company also has trials underway for its compostable bioplastic products in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Canada, the U.S., Brazil and the U.K.