BioNitrogen's proposed facility hits a new milestone

By Erin Voegele | January 16, 2013

BioNitrogen Corp., a company developing biobased urea production, has announced that Granherne Inc., a KBR company, and PRM Energy Systems Inc. have completed the conceptual engineering and initial feasibility study for its first commercial-scale plant. That facility will be located in Hardee County, Fla. BioNitrogen has been working with Granherne on the design of the plant, which will include a PRME gasification system.

BioNitrogen’s technology produces urea via a biomass gasification process and catalytic conversion. According to information previously released by the company, its initial plant will take in waste vegetation as feedstock and have the capacity to produce 124,000 tons of urea on an annual basis.

“We are confident in BioNitrogen’s model and excited to move forward in the process,” said Ron Bailey, Jr., President, PRM Energy Systems, Inc. “We’ve established a design basis for the project with system sizes, configurations, utility requirement, instrumentation, schedules and pricing.”

“The completion of the initial feasibility study and conceptual engineering by both Granherne and PRME are a major step in our ability to move to the next critical level of plant construction,” said Carlos Contreras, BioNitrogen CEO.

The next phase of the project, which includes front-end engineering designs and engineering, procurement and construction, will be executed from KBR’s Delaware-based operations.

Earlier this month, BioNitrogen announced the acquisition of approximately 600 acres of land in Hardee County for $9.7 million. The total acreage includes 40 acres of land previously acquired by the company. According to information released by BioNitrogen, activities related to biomass accumulation, rezoning and permitting will begin immediately. Construction on the site is currently expected to begin in early 2013.

“We are very excited to have secured this important property,” said Bryan Kornegay Jr., chief financial officer of BioNitrogen. “This contiguous 600-acre parcel is the only one of its kind in the area and provides ample land for biomass accumulation, plant construction and expansion of plants and value added businesses such as urea coating and blending.”