BTEC board of directors elects new executive officers

By Biomass Thermal Energy Council | January 25, 2013

The Biomass Thermal Energy Council has announced its newly elected executive officers for the 2013 board of directors.

The executive committee that will lead the organization in 2013 includes:

Chairman: Dan Wilson, vice president of Wilson Engineering Services

Vice chair: Dan Arnett, biomass coordinator for Ernst Conservation Seeds

Treasurer: Robert Davis, founder and CEO of Forest Energy Corp.

Secretary: John Ackerly, president of the Alliance for Green Heat

"Our new leadership captures the breadth of the organization and the biomass industry overall," said Joseph Seymour, BTEC's Executive Director. "Their diverse skill sets include engineering, agricultural fuels, forest restoration, and consumer advocacy."

The election marks the departure of Charlie Niebling, New England Wood Pellet's general manager, as BTEC Chairman. "Charlie was instrumental in BTEC's founding and growing it to the nationally recognized industry voice it is today," said Seymour, "He has been a truly exceptional leader and valued resource to BTEC's members, staff, and other directors. We are excited to see him continue as a director and chair of the BTEC Policy Committee."

The meeting also included the formal kick-off of BTEC's 2013 program plan that will guide the association's efforts towards increased recognition of biomass thermal energy in energy policy and regulation.

The complete listing of BTEC's Board of Directors is available on the organization’s website. BTEC invites those interested in learning more about the association and potential involvement to contact Joseph Seymour, BTEC executive director.