Primus, Princeton University sign GTL research agreement

By Chris Hanson | March 28, 2013

Primus Green Energy announced it will financially support Princeton University engineers to research synthetic fuels and assess gas-to-liquid (GTL) technology.

Christodoulos Floudas, professor of chemical and biological engineering at Princeton University, will be conducting the research. “Primus ‘ STG+ platform is a next-generation gas-to-liquids technology that has the potential to have a significant impact on process efficiency standards and economic viability in the alternative fuels industry,” Floudas said, “As part of my research I will be comparing STG+ to other leading GTL platforms against a variety of metrics, including financial, technical and sustainability.”

Primus’ STG+ technology converts roughly 35 percent by mass of syngas derived from natural gas and biomass into drop-in gasoline and jet fuel that has less sulfur and benzene content than tradition petroleum. In addition to producing biofuel, the technology utilizes four fixed bed reactors to process and convert the syngas into aromatic chemicals used in the production of plastics, rubber and other synthetic chemicals.

“Primus is always looking for opportunities to support academic research on issues that impact our business and our commercialization efforts,” said George Boyajian, vice president of business development at Primus Green Energy. “Chris Floudas is one of the premier experts in the field of gas-to-liquids technologies, and we believe that his research will play a key role in identifying important developments and financial differentiators among GTL technologies, especially as they relate to our STG+ technology.”