EIA releases consumption, price data for wood and waste biomass

By Erin Voegele | May 09, 2013

On May 3, the U.S. Energy Information Administration published a set of annual statistics that include state-level estimates of consumption, prices and expenditures for woody biomass and waste biomass. The latest release includes data from 2011.

According to the EIA, California led the nation with residential wood consumption in 2011, with approximately 1.665 million cords consumed. A cord is roughly equal to 128 cubic feet of stacked wood material. California’s consumption equated to approximately 33.3 trillion Btu. Missouri was the second largest residential consumer of wood biomass, with 1.166 million cords, or 23.3 trillion Btu consumed in 2011. Pennsylvania rounded out the top three, with 1.076 million cords, or 21.5 trillion Btu, of residential consumption.

Total U.S. residential consumption of wood equaled 22.5 million cords, which accounted for 450 trillion Btu of output.

The industrial sector consumed a total of 1,473.6 trillion Btu of wood and waste biomass in 2011. Georgia led consumption in the industrial sector, with 149.2 trillion Btu, followed by Alabama with 147.2 trillion Btu, and Florida with 123.4 trillion Btu.

The commercial sector consumed far less wood and waste biomass, with a nationwide total of 111.7 trillion Btu. California consumed the most wood and waste biomass in the sector, accounting for 17.4 Btu. Michigan consumed 4.5 trillion Btu in the sector, with Virginia consuming 6.6 trillion Btu of wood and waste biomass.

The electric power sector consumed a total of 436.7 trillion Btu of wood and waste biomass in 2011. California led consumption on a state level, with 69 trillion Btu. Florida’s electric power produces consumed an additional 50.3 trillion Btu, with electricity produces in Pennsylvania consuming 28.7 trillion Btu.

On a combined basis, all three sectors consumed 2,472 trillion Btu of wood and waste biomass in 2011 on a nationwide basis.

Residential wood prices averaged $11.48 per million Btu in the U.S. during 2011, with high the EIA reporting a high of $15.22 per million Btu and a low of $9.07 per million Btu.

Average wood and waste biomass prices for the commercial, industrial and electric power sectors equaled $3.72 per million Btu. However, prices varied on a state by state basis between $14.42 per million Btu to $2.56 per million Btu.

The full data sets can be downloaded from the EIA website