USDA announces payments to pellet, biogas producers

By Erin Voegele | May 20, 2013

The USDA has announced $14 million in payments to 162 advanced biofuel producers in 38 states under the Bioenergy Program for Advanced Biofuels. The program awards payments to eligible producers based on the amount of advanced biofuel produced from renewable sources of biomass, other than corn starch.

“These payments represent the Obama administration’s commitment to support an ‘all of the above’ energy strategy,” said Acting Under Secretary for Rural Development Doug O’Brien. “Producing advanced biofuels is a major component of the drive to take control of America’s energy future by developing domestic, renewable energy sources.”

More than 280 producers in 45 states have received a total of $192.5 million in payments under the Bioenergy Program for Advanced Biofuels since its inception. According to the USDA, the program has supported the production of more than 3 billion gallons of advanced biofuel and the equivalent of more than 36 billion kilowatt hours of electricity.

Biogas and pellet producers that will receive awards under the latest round of funding include:

- Forest Energy Corp., $2,873, pellets
- High Mountain Fuels LLC, $5,169, landfill gas
- Gallo Cattle Co. LP, $1,370, anaerobic digester
- Rocky Mountain Pellet Co. Inc., $736, pellets
- Appling County Pellets LLC, $8,387, pellets
- Lignetics of Idaho Inc., $9,129, pellets
- Agpower Jerome LLC, $2,164, anaerobic digester
- DF-AP#1 LLC    $727, anaerobic digester
- Rocky Canyon Pellet Co. LLC, $623, pellets
- Bio Town Ag Inc., $1,570, anaerobic digester
- Somerset Hardwood Flooring, $2,910, pellets
- Southern Kentucky Pellet Mill Inc., $514, pellets
- Enviva LP, $22,402, pellets
- Maine Woods Pellet Co. LLC, $6,483, pellets
- Geneva Wood Fuels LLC, $2,690, pellets
- Michigan Wood Pellet Fuel LC, $1,225, pellets
- Cargill Inc., $89,668 anaerobic digester
-Riverview LLP, $1,668, anaerobic digester
- District 45 Dairy LLP, $802, anaerobic digester
- New England Wood Pellet LLC, $10,631, pellets
- American Wood Fibers Inc., $1,647, pellets
- Quasar Energy Group LLC, $920, anaerobic digester
- Stahlbush Island Farms Inc., $12,140, anaerobic digester
- Bear Mountain Forest Products Inc., $6,674, pellets
- Blue Mountain Lumber Products LLC, $904, pellets
- Frank Pellet LLC, $807, pellets
- Pacific Pellet LLC, $790, pellets
- Hassell & Hughes, $1,622, pellets
- Unaka Forest Products Inc., $653, pellets
- Turnman Hardwood Flooring Inc., $1,356, pellets
- Audet’s Cow Power LLC, $2,504, anaerobic digester
- VT Wood Pellet Co., $829, pellets
- Farm Power Rexville LLC, $5,266, anaerobic digester
- FPE Renewables LLC, $1,078, anaerobic digester
- Pagel’s Ponderosa Dairy LLC, $3,658, anaerobic digester
- Marth Peshtigo Pellet Co. LLC, $1,796, pellets
- Green Valley Dairy, LLC, $1,587, pellets
- Marth Wood Shaving Supply Inc., $1,575, pellets
- Holsum Dairies LLC, $1,040, anaerobic digester
- Stargest Power LLC, $974, anaerobic digester
- Grotegut Dairy Farm Inc., $754, anaerobic digester
- Buckeye Ridge Renewable Power LLC, $533, anaerobic digester