Tullis, RWE biomass cogeneration plant to be completed in fall

By Anna Simet | May 30, 2013


Fife, Scotland-based paper product company Tullis Russell said this week that it will switch over to biomass-derived heat and power in October.

Construction of the $320 million biomass cogeneration plant began in the fall of 2009. Being built in partnership with RWE npower renewables, the plant will supply Tullis with 17 MW electricity and as much as 120 metric tons of steam per hour, as well as 25 MW power to the grid.

Once fully operational, the plant will produce 6 percent of Scotland’s goal of 100 percent renewable electricity by 2020. It received a grant of £8.1 million ($12.3 million) grant from the Scottish government.

For fuel, the facility will use 400,000 metric tons of wood, mostly recycled, according to the company, which has signed a 20-year energy purchase agreement with RWE.

Tullis’s current set up is three coal-fired boilers and one gas boiler. The coal-fired boilers will be decommissioned once the plant is operational, and replaced with a Metso-supplied circulating fluidized bed boiler and flue gas treatment system.

Jacobs is the engineering and construction company, responsible for the remaining sections of the plant.

More than one million man hours have been invested in construction of the plant, according to RWE, the footprint of which fills an area equivalent to the size of four football fields.