EPA releases RIN generation data for May

By Erin Voegele | June 28, 2013

The U.S. EPA has published renewable identification number (RIN) generation data for May. While no D3 cellulosic biofuel for D7 cellulosic diesel RINs were generated during the month, more than 34.23 million D5 advanced biofuel, 211.93 million D4 biomass-based diesel and 1.16 billion D6 renewable fuel RINs were generated in May.

Nearly 2.3 million D5 advanced biofuel RINs were generated for biogas production during the first five months of the year, with approximately 573,493 of those RINs generated in May. Approximately 474,638 D5 biogas RINs were generated in April, about 526,641 generated in March, 361,346 generated in February, and 361,535 generated in January

In addition, 187.68 million D5 RINs were generated for ethanol from January through May, along with more than 7.01 million D5 RINs for renewable diesel.

The U.S. EPA currently estimates that approximately 13.83 million assigned and 144.64 million separated DD RINs are available. Data published by the agency also shows 118.01 million assigned and 693.39 separated D4 biomass-based diesel RINs are available, along with 485.99 million assigned and 4.5 billion separated D6 renewable fuel RINs. Of the 6.28 billion RINs generated in all categories since the beginning of the year, only 79.26 million have been retired.