R.C. Costello, Zeton sign MOU to offer scale-up services

By R.C. Costello & Associates Inc. | August 30, 2013

R.C. Costello & Associates Inc. and Zeton Inc. signed a Memorandum of Understanding last month. Costello has extensive front-end engineering, process modeling and design experience; and Zeton has specific know-how in the scale up of process technology, specializing in designing and building modular pilot and demonstration plants.

Together, Costello and Zeton will provide a customized “end-to-end” solution from feasibility studies, process simulation, front end engineering through detailed design, procurement, fabrication and factory testing.

Costello has been involved with scale-up of chemical processes, oil and gas, polymers, biofuels and pharmaceutical processes from bench scale, to pilot plant and full- scale operating facilities. The Costello team has extensive knowledge of industrial chemistry and process intensification. Costello in the past has gone out to various construction firms for manufacturing of their modular plants. Now in partnership with Zeton, they have a one-stop shop.

Zeton is a recognized world leader in the design and fabrication of lab scale systems, pilot plants, demonstration plants and small modular commercial plants using modular fabrication. The company serves a wide range of industries and applications including oil and gas, polymers, chemicals, synfuels and alternative energy, bioenergy and biofuels, pharma and biotech, mining and hydromet, fine chemicals, environmental and sustainable chemistry. Process modules are engineered and fabricated at Zeton’s two state-of-the-art, integrated design-build facilities in Burlington, Ontario, Canada and Enschede, The Netherlands. They can be shipped virtually anywhere in the world for field installation.