Ameresco celebrates completion of Calif. landfill gas project

By Ameresco Inc. | September 16, 2013

Ameresco Inc., a leading energy efficiency and renewable energy company, recently joined with local California officials and energy industry leaders to commemorate the completion of its 1.4 megawatt (MW) landfill gas-to-energy (LFGTE) project at the Johnson Canyon Landfill in Gonzales, Calif. 

City of Gonzales Vice-Mayor Scott Funk, City of Palo Alto Mayor Gregory Scharff, and Patrick Mathews, general manager and chief administrative officer of the Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority, joined Ameresco officials for a ribbon-cutting ceremony to recognize the innovative renewable energy project that is expected to improve the surrounding environment and provide green power to the City of Palo Alto at a low, competitive rate.

“The Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority continues its focus on finding worth in what our community discards and the Ameresco landfill gas-to-energy project is a great example of creating community value,” Mathews said. “We are proud of our partnership with Ameresco in creating a brand new renewable-energy source in the Salinas Valley.”

Ameresco designed, permitted, constructed and now operates the LFGTE facility at the Johnson Canyon Landfill in Gonzales, which is owned by SVSWA. Ameresco Johnson Canyon LLC has a gas agreement with SVSWA to purchase the landfill gas for use in their plant, and signed a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with the City of Palo Alto for the renewable energy.  A portion of the revenues from the sale of that power will be returned to the SVSWA for the duration of the contract.

“Partnering with Ameresco on this state-of-the-art landfill gas-to-energy project will not only help our City become more energy efficient, but will also provide a more sustainable future for Palo Alto and its residents,” Scharff said. “This project not only generates enough clean energy to power nearly 1,000 homes, but will reduce our community’s carbon footprint.”

“We are thrilled to have partnered with the Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority and the City of Palo Alto to provide residents with clean, renewable energy for years to come,” said Michael T. Bakas, senior vice president of renewable energy at Ameresco. “We have had a successful track record working with many counties and municipalities in California and across the nation to provide alternative energy resources, and we are excited that our project will help SVSWA and Palo Alto and its constituents to achieve their sustainability goals in a cost effective manner.” 

Ameresco’s LFGTE plant safely diverts landfill gas through extraction wells and pipes it to a landfill gas-to-energy plant, where it is cleaned before specialized engines convert it to electricity for sale to the electrical marketplace. The LFGTE facilities also improve greenhouse gas compliance and provide revenue for landfill owners while providing end users with a clean, renewable option for their energy.  Ameresco also offers biomass, geothermal, wind and solar projects, as well as energy efficiency solutions and energy savings performance contracts.