Saxlund announces equipment orders

By Erin Voegele | September 19, 2013

Sweden-based Saxlund Bioenergy AB recently announced it will supply combustion components for Ljusdal Energi’s biofuel-fueled district heating plant. The order includes the delivery of a boiler and furnace for the combustion of biomass fuels, such as forest residues, woodchips and sawdust. The order also includes some materials handling equipment.

According to Saxlund, Ljusdal Energi’s proposed 10 MW district heating plant will produce baseload thermal energy for Ljusdal’s district heating network. The new plant is expected to be delivered in mid-2014.

In early September, Saxlund also announced it won an order from Outotec GmbH for the delivery of sludge handing equipment for ERZ Entrsorgung + Recycling Zurich’s proposed sludge incineration plant in Zurich. The sludge will be dried and burned as renewable fuel to generate heat and power.

Saxlund has a history of working with ERZ Entsorgung + Recycling Zurich, including the supply of handling equipment to two other waste incineration plants in Zurich.

“Saxlund is happy to yet again be part of this development where we turn Waste to Energy in Zurich. Apart from increasing the use of renewable energy and decreasing our carbon foot-print, the incineration of sludge in these very modern incineration plants, significantly lowers the emissions of heavy metals like led, cadmium and mercury,” Christoph Groffmann, managing Director of Saxlund International GmbH, in a statement.

Also in September, Saxlund announced a material handling contract for secondary fuel at Holcim (Deutschland) AG’s plant in Hover, Germany. The order includes the delivery of Saxlund’s solid floor discharger systems, conveyors and separation systems, designed to handle up to 12 metric tons of refuse-derived fuel per hour.