Blue Sphere signs MOU for landfill gas project in Africa

By Blue Sphere Corp. | September 20, 2013

Blue Sphere Corp., a company in the cleantech sector as a waste-to-energy and clean energy project integrator, is pleased to announce that it has signed a binding memorandum of understanding in respect of a 3-6 MW landfill gas to energy project at the Akouedo Landfill in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

The MoU gives Blue Sphere the ownership of the gas and energy to be produced therefrom in exchange for financing the cost of the project and sharing a portion of the profits with its partner in Ivory Coast.

The Akouedo Landfill services the Abidjan greater metropolitan area and receives up to 4,000 tons of municipal solid waste on a daily basis. An initial site visit was recently completed and the initial projection for the site's energy potential is 3 MW gradually rising over time to 6 MW, as the site receives more waste. In connection with the site visit, Blue Sphere representatives met with the Ivory Coast Ministry of Energy and commenced negotiations on obtaining a long-term power purchase agreement.

"This is now our biggest landfill project in Africa and our initial visit has confirmed that the landfill site is suitable for a gas to energy project. The Ministry of Energy has indicated a strong willingness to cooperate with us and provide us with a power purchase agreement on favorable terms. The next step is to perform an in-depth feasibility study and move the power purchase agreement negotiations to the next level. We have already reached terms with one of the world's leading landfill gas to energy specialists to conduct the feasibility study. We are also speaking to various multilateral and government agencies, as well as private investors, to raise financing for the project. In parallel, we are continuing to work on our anaerobic digester projects in North Carolina and Rhode Island and our other projects in Africa" said Shlomi Palas, CEO of Blue Sphere.