A Future for Biogas in Mass.

Massachusetts' governor expressed interest this week in developing a biogas sector, beginning with food and yard waste applications.
By Lisa Gibson | June 01, 2012

This week, Massachusetts Gov. Patrick Deval announced he’d like to develop a healthy biogas sector in the commonwealth. It’s refreshing to hear some good biomass news coming from Massachusetts, which has become well-known in the industry for its tough renewable portfolio standard (RPS) qualifications for woody biomass.

Deval said he wants to replicate measures taken in some European countries that have spurred rapid expansion in biogas sectors. He said Massachusetts residents are throwing energy away in the trash and down the garbage disposal. It sounds like he wants this biogas sector to begin with food and yard waste. And he said his agencies are working to make it happen.

Great. Maybe the news sounds even better because it comes on the heels of a devastating blow to stand-alone biopower in Massachusetts. The commonwealth released its proposed final regulations at the end of April and effectively killed stand-alone biopower potential with its minimum efficiency standard of 50 percent. I’ve talked about that enough and comments seem to just swirl around in circles between biomass supporters and opponents. We don’t need to start that up again.

Anyway, I’m stoked to see this development and what seems like a real push for biogas in Massachusetts. I wonder if it will mean a new set of standards to dictate how the resource will qualify for the state’s RPS, and another years-long process to figure them out….