Please Help: Important Industry Survey

Pellet Mill Magazine has launched its first survey of 2016. The survey, open to producers only, will seek to illuminate the impact of low fuel oil prices on production, feedstock procurement and plant staffing across teh industry.
By Tim Portz | February 02, 2016

I’d like to ask each of you to be on the lookout for an email from Katie Fletcher, associate editor at Pellet Mill Magazine. Yesterday Katie sent an email to every pellet facility in North America with a link to an industry survey that will serve as the centerpiece of our March/April issue, dedicated entirely to domestic and foreign heating markets. For the survey to offer any value to our readers, I’d like to ask each of you (or your designee) spend the three minutes it takes to complete the survey.

The survey is open only to producers and individual answers are anonymous and confidential. The results of the survey will be shared, but only in aggregate. If you did not receive a link to the survey and aren’t aware of anyone on your team receiving the link, send us and email and we’ll be happy to get you one. 

Our survey seeks to illuminate the impact that low fuel oil prices and a relatively mild winter are having on producers, their production schedule and their plant staffing. For the survey to offer any value or utility to you, our producer readers, we need as many respondents as possible. Last summer we built a survey to support a story we were writing on on-site product storage and distribution channels. 50 producers took our survey and helped us create a great, data-rich story that we still get comments on. We’d love to get 50 responses to this survey as well. 

I can’t say enough about our producer advisors and editorial board when it comes to these surveys. In every instance, when I or my team places a phone call to one of them for guidance, advice and clarification they gladly weigh in and offer their counsel. Without that, we’d essentially be flying blind.

Admittedly, the questions on this survey are more sensitive than the questions from our product storage survey. They ask pointed questions about how sales have been impacted, how production has been impacted and how your plant staffing has been impacted. I feel strongly that there will be great interest in the outcome of the survey and urge you to take it. Again, the answers are confidential.

Finally, if after taking the survey you’ve got some thoughts you’d like to share on or off the record, I know Katie would be more than happy to speak with you. To write the story, she’ll be reaching out to producers, sharing with them what we learned from the survey and ask them to respond and talk about their own situations. If you’d be interested in offering your perspective, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thanks in advance for considering our survey. 

To contact either Katie or myself:

[email protected]

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