Moisture Analyzers Directory

MoistTech Corp.

MoistTech manufactures a range of NIR on-line sensors&at-line instruments for moisture measurement&real-time moisture process control. Non-contact and insensitive to material variations such as particle size, material height&color,the moisture sensors provide continuous, reliable readings with zero maintenance and a one-time calibration. Reduce downtime, start-up time, waste and energy costs by monitoring the moisture levels at every stage of the process. When one measurement is out of tolerance, a quick automatic or manual adjustment can be made to keep things moving correctly before costly time is lost, and waste is produced.With NIR analysis, all manual steps of collecting,drying and accurately weighing samples are eliminated

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Electromatic Equipment Co., Inc.

Supplier of complete line of portable Moisture Meters for determination of Moisture Content in a wide variety of Biomass fuels including wood chips, wood pellets, saw dust, wood shavings, barks, round timber, elephant grass, miscanthus, corn cobs and more.

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Finna Sensors

Finna Sensors’ latest on-line moisture measurement system, OMNIR, is the future of near infrared sensing technology. Coming from OMNI, meaning “all” and NIR, meaning “near infrared,” we have created an intelligent all-sensing solution that exceeds expectations. We deliver accurate and instantaneous data that connects to the Internet of Things (IoT) in order to help you make adjustments to your manufacturing line processes. It is easy to use, repair, start-up, network and upgrade via the cloud. It is equally comfortable in AI situations and interfacing with your personnel. Besides the manufacturing process advantages, it also works actively to monitor its own health – performing its best during your crucial processing moments.

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