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Roeslein, a leading provider of advanced waste-to-energy and renewable energy technologies, has a proven track record in delivering sustainable solutions that address today's global energy challenges. With its extensive experience in biogas, biomass, and environmental technologies, Roeslein has successfully established itself as a trusted partner in the renewable energy sector. Roeslein is also renowned for its engineering, modular fabrication, and construction expertise and has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional turnkey solutions to clients in various industries. With a commitment to quality, safety, and efficiency, Roeslein has consistently exceeded expectations and set industry standards.

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Baker Engineering & Risk Consultants, Inc.

BakerRisk® is an internationally recognized firm dedicated to help predict, prevent, and mitigate hazards from explosions, fires, and toxic releases. Our staff is comprised of highly qualified engineers and scientists with a focus on explosion effects, structural dynamics, process safety, risk analysis, chemical hazards testing, and incident investigation. We specialize in process safety and risk management services to companies involved with hazardous materials, as well as engineering and testing services for government agencies and private companies.

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Wishstone Energy

Wishstone Energy provides high quality, professional engineering and project management services.

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