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Pellet Fuels Institute

The Pellet Fuels Institute is a North American trade association promoting energy independence through the efficient use of clean, renewable, densified biomass fuel.PFI is comprised of nearly 100 member companies, including fuel manufacturers and equipment suppliers, as well as organizations representing non-profit, university and government sectors.The Institute is active in educating consumers about the convenience and practicality of using biomass fuel in both residential and commercial applications

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Bioeconoma Costera

Education and Research

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Dickinson College Farm

The Dickinson College Farm has been conducting small-scale biogas system R&D since 2008. Currently we operate a 1000-gal pilot scale digester for cooking gas production, and are in the process of scaling up to a full mix concrete digester with 50 kW grid-connected CHP electricity generation, scheduled to come online in 2023. We also maintain a suite of small lab-scale digesters of our own design for research and education purposes. Education services include tours of the digester facilities, teacher support for lab exercises, and a number of popular videos on youtube - linked at our biogas blog at

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The University of Tennessee-Center for Renewable Carbon

The Center for Renewable Carbon, in the University of Tennessee, Institute of Agriculture, is an internationally recognized leader in the development of new and/or improved bioenergy sources, biorefinery processes and biomaterials which offers unique resources with the focus on production and characterization of biofuels, biochemicals, and bioproducts. The Center for Renewable Carbon coordinates science, knowledge transfer, and trains the workforce required to develop a sustainable and economically viable bioeconomy

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