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Features of eCoo10 AdHP chiller (thermal driven chiller)1) No electrically-driven moving part inside (no maintenance for years)2) Utilizing 149 degree F (65 degree C) hot water, 50-59 degree F (10-15degree C) chilled water can be produced.3) No Freon/Lithium Bromide/Ammonia is used - no corrosion by chemicals.Water is cooling media - different from Absorption Chiller.4) 1 kw electricity is used for pumps, dry cooler and control to achieve10 kw cooling capacity (36,000 BTU/hr, 3 tons).Electrical COP of eCoo10 system is about 10.5) Perfectly matches with Gas/Solar CHP. If you use CHP hot water for heating in winter, you can use chilled water for cooling in summer with CHP/AdHP.6) Multiple-unit can be operated as modules.

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