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Jenny Christensen

Vice President of Marketing


[email protected]




Cloud inventory management software & level sensors to measure feed and grain in bins, silos, & hoppers. Monitor one or more sites, manage truckloads, & place orders using BinView, FeedView, AgriView & BinCloud web apps to send data to a phone or PC. Auto text and email alerts. Continuous level measurement using dust-defying non-contact radar, SmartBob, or lasers. 3DLevelScanner measures and maps material in large bins for precise volume accuracy. Point level indicators for level alerts and plugged chute detection using rotaries, tilt or diaphragm switches, capacitance probes & vibrating rod level sensors. Aeration, dust & flow detection devices keep operations OSHA and FDA compliant. Consultative solutions from instrumentation specialists.

PO Box 29709

7201 North 98th Street

Lincoln, NE 68529


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