June 2007

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DTN offers new biodiesel trading platform



Tom Bryan

Editor's Note

By Tom Bryan

Manning Feraci, left, and Larry Schafer

NBB In Sight

By Joe Jobe


By Lindsey Irwin, Craig A. Johnson, Jerry W. Kram, Susanne Retka Schill, Michael Shirek, Bryan Sims, Jan Tellmann and Dave Nilles

On the heavily traveled Great Lakes, biodiesel innovations by the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory are helping the big ships and their operators to be better environmental stewards.

Donnell Rehagen

Certified: Sustainable

By Anduin Kirkbride McElroy

Sure, biodiesel is made from renewable feedstocks, but is it sustainable? That question has led many to take a closer look at harnessing the benefits of biodiesel without creating unintended adverse effects, and it's spurred the formation of a group called the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance. Standards and certification of sustainability may soon be on the way.

Gas stations aren't typically venues for Earth Day activities. That didn't stop SeQuential Biofuels from holding an Earth Day celebration at its Eugene, Ore.-based sustainable retail gas station-the uniqueness of which is hopefully fleeting.

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