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Business Briefs


Business Briefs

By Staff



Positive Horizons for US Pellets Around the Globe

By Seth Ginther



An Alaskan boiler retrofit illustrates the potential for biomass heating in other federal buildings.

The Pellet Fuel Institute's executive director, Jennifer Hedrick, shares insights on her many roles, as well as the challenges and prospects ahead for the pellet industry.

The Path Ahead

By Sue Retka Schill

PFI conference speakers project cautious optimism.

Pellet Heat Amore

By Lennart Ljungblom

Italian love affair with high-style pellet appliances drives pellet sales.

UK's Drax Group pushes to bring two production facilities and a pellet terminal online in 2015.


Why doesn't the United States use wood pellets instead of coal and natural gas for electricity generation?

Industrial inline and at-line methods measure core and surface moisture of wood pellets.

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