April 2009

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AllGreen develops biomass power in India



This trailer tipper is used to dump trailers that are not self-unloading. /PHOTO: WESTERN OREGON WOOD PRODUCTS

Wood Pellet Prowess

By Anna Austin

The owner of Western Oregon Wood Products discusses his wood pelletizing process with Biomass Magazine, as a prelude to the tour of his Banks, Ore., facility at the upcoming 2009 International Biomass Conference & Expo.

Pressure-treated and painted, or what is commonly referred to as "dirty" wood, is often off limits for productive reuse and relegated to landfills. Stakeholders in the construction and demolition industries talk about the politics and economics holding back the potential these prolific waste streams possess in the renewable energy sector and, more importantly, what can be done to make use of this resource.


Barrels of Biogas

By Ryan C. Christiansen

There has never been a prohibition against innovation. Breweries, distilleries and related industries are using biomass and waste to produce renewable energy.

The National Biodiesel Board's annual conference was held in San Francisco, where cable cars, biodiesel and cultural diversity have long been a mainstay.


Obama's Energy Team

By Erin Voegele

President Barack Obama is challenged with guiding the U.S. through one of the most severe economic downturns in its history, and his energy policies are expected to be a cornerstone of his strategy. Industry leaders share their expectations for the new administration with Biodiesel Magazine.

Seaport Biofuels Vice President of Finance Travis Paulson, left, and President Randy Thomas/PHOTO: SEAPORT BIOFUELS

Beneficial Blending

By Kris Bevill

Fuel dispensers that offer up to three different blends of biodiesel are relatively new to the retail market. Although the concept is simple, the blender pumps have been slow to catch on. Biodiesel Magazine talks to the experts about whether the dispensers will increase the market for biodiesel, and what obstacles are preventing their widespread use.

Producing sustainable biofuels will require conservation tillage practices and much more.


The complete replacement of a fuel delivery system provided a Louisiana paper manufacturing facility with the biomass-based renovation it needed.

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