March 2010

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ScottMadden, Ascendant Partners join forces



DDCE?s demonstration plant in Tennessee began production in January. PHOTO: DDCE

Energy Crop Conundrum

By Lisa Gibson

Dedicated energy crops hold massive potential as a renewable energy resource, but hurdles remain in the path of their large-scale utilization.

Genetic improvements and advancements in growth and harvest techniques are moving miscanthus closer to becoming a commercial energy crop.

Show Me Energy processes biomass into pellets that it sells to a local utility, poultry producers in the area, who use it to heat their chicken and turkey barns, and for home heating.

It's Show Time

By Rona Johnson

The nation's first grower-owned biomass cooperative has shown the world that the cooperative model can be successful and is ready to build on that success.

Crop residue is abundant and a good source of renewable energy, as long as its removal doesn't cause soil nutrient depletion and erosion.

Pink Sheet Persuasion

By Nicholas Zeman

For many start-up companies in the clean energy sector, success means seeing its stock trade on the floor of a major stock exchange such as NASDAQ or the New York Stock Exchange. Until they have the revenue and profits, they must build their identities and persuade investors to their base with big statements and even bigger dreams.

Paul Argyropoulos

Seeking Answers

By Nicholas Zeman and Ron Kotrba

Biodiesel producers and industry stakeholders attending the 2010 National Biodiesel Conference & Expo sought answers to the status of the expired biodiesel tax credit as well as to many confusing elements in the RFS2 final rule. While some producers found clarification, others left the event puzzled, concerned and even discouraged by the enormous amount of red tape required to participate in the program. Despite this, the conference provided a healthy mix of biodiesel information and announcements.


A company in Uruguay is successfully using specially adapted bulldozers and the application of hydrated polymers to protect tree seedlings and develop plantations on marginal lands.

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