December 2010

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Business Briefs

Business Briefs

By Staff


The recent surge in the biomass market has sparked demand for plant construction, and builders expect the boom to last, despite the challenges and intricacies that can surprise developers.

What makes biomass projects attractive to potential investors and lenders today and into the new year?

LEADER OF THE PACK: Sweden\'s extensive biomass utilization efforts have put the country ahead of the curve in the development of residue harvesting machinery.

Biomass Sweet Spot

By Lisa Gibson

Sweden's well-established, world-leading woody biomass industry has fueled a relationship between the forestry and energy sectors.

Industry Convenes in Biomass Central

By Anna Austin, Lisa Gibson and Rona Johnson

The Southeast's reputation as a prime hotspot for biomass energy development drew a record crowd to BBI International's regional Southeast Biomass Conference & Trade Show in Atlanta.

EASY CHOICE: In the harshest weather imaginable, Rothsay Biodiesel chooses to run biodiesel blends in more than 137 transport trucks. PHOTO: MIKE PASZTI, ROTHSAY

Model Fleets

By Luke Geiver

How fleet managers view the incorporation of biodiesel blends

A proper maintenance program can help retain a facility's value and ensure a swift restart

Why the biodiesel industry should heed chemical safety standards now more than ever


Biomass Packed: Boise State University researchers tested biomass briquettes of four different compositions, left to right, 100 percent paper, 1:3 paper to biomass, 3:1 biomass to paper and 100 percent paper to demonstrate that the energy output of d

Biomass Briquettes: Turning Waste Into Energy

By Owen McDougal, Seth Eidemiller, Nick Weires, <br>

A Boise State University study proves that low-energy feedstocks can be densified and when combusted produce heat output comparable to higher energy content fuels.

Plant operators who treat their facilites as investments and implement sophisticated plant operations processes create lasting economic value.

CASH INFUSION: The EB-5 immigrant visa program could encourage more foreign investment in renewable energy projects.

Immigration Visas can Help Fund Biomass Projects

By Laura Danielson and Todd Taylor

Renewable energy project developers may find funding opportunities through foreign investors.

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