April 2011

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Business Briefs

Roger D. Stark has experience advising investors and sponsors in the renewable energy industry, including those involved in cross-border matters.

Business Briefs

By Staff

Business Briefs: People, Partnerships & Deals

By Biorefining Staff

Advanced Biofuels


MACT Madness

By Lisa Gibson

The U.S. EPA has released an overhauled final version of the Maximum Achievable Control Technology rules, and the biggest changes will affect biomass boilers.

FLOURISHING IN FORIDA: Florida Biomass Energy has been working on permitting for a 60-megawatt biomass power project in Manatee County, Fla., for about two years. The plant would use waste wood and vegetative waste.

Pushing for Permits

By Anna Austin

Every permitting experience is different. Biomass Power & Thermal talks to project developers about the challenges and successes of their permitting processes.

Compared with the U.S., Denmark has a shockingly simple permitting process for biomass heat and power facilities, undoubtedly a factor in its immense biomass energy consumption.

Controlling PM

By Anna Austin

Today's emission control devices are capable of keeping particulate matter emissions at reasonable levels and in line with regulations, but the best option may vary with each project.

With eight trade groups, too many voices may prove to be a liability the industry can't afford

Taking a company public may be a viable finance vehicle for some, but not all

There's more than one way to grow a company, and in the end there can be more than one winner

DEFINING MOMENT: Joe Jobe, left, listens as Renewable Energy Group's Gary Haer, new National Biodiesel Board chairman and the board's first producer in that role, discusses biodiesel challenges and opportunities in the coming year.

A Critical Year

By Ron Kotrba and Erin Voegele

Stakeholders at the 8th Annual National Biodiesel Conference & Expo in Phoenix acknowledged that 2011 might well define the industry's future

Trends in biodiesel washing and polishing

Glycerin purification strategies are evolving, and the market might not be far behind


A pilot project in Mexico will use the waste from agave processing to produce biocarbon, biofuel, steam and electricity.

What steps can you take when your biomass project faces opposition?

Biodiesel Process Safety Management

By Wayne Lee and John Hardy

As biodiesel grows, expect increased scrutiny of safety compliance

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