July 2011

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Business Briefs

ONLINE OPERATION: Martin Engineering is offering online workshops to help improve safety, performance and payback of its conveyors.

Business Briefs

By Staff

People, Partnerships & Deals

By Algae Technology & Business Staff

Advanced Biofuels


Development of large-scale biomass gasification in the U.S. is in between demonstration and commercial scale, but a few companies are overcoming the challenges to make large-scale projects happen.

The nation's two largest waste-to-energy companies discuss how they have reduced emissions and increased efficiencies.

A 2009 NREL assessment of biomass combustion and gasification technologies may not have spurred rapid commercial development, but it has encouraged state investment in demonstration projects.

India's biomass gasification sector is growing by leaps and bounds, seemingly at all levels, and it's raising hope for the establishment of electricity in rural villages.

Addressing shortcomings in algae industry development to spur commercial advancement

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory's groundbreaking algae program hit a snag in the “90s, but has since been revived

These aren't your backyard variety algae strains—they are the future

A new research and development center in Ohio helps spur the development of a regional algae industry

BIODIESEL ON BOARD: Family-owned Red and White Fleet has been using B20 in its passenger vessels without incident since 2006.

Biodiesel Sets Sail

By Bryan Sims

A high percentage of biodiesel is used by consumers on land, and marine operators are trying to match that same level of usage by sea

Railroad companies investigate benefits of using biodiesel-blended fuels

Why biodiesel is important to events and concerts


Wood-to-energy from sustainably managed forests can provide net-zero carbon emission or even positive carbon sequestration if the woody biomass stock is not depleted or grows over time.

Water, light, site infrastructure and risk are key considerations for algae projects

An opportunity to sequester carbon and foster algae production

Navigating renewable fuels blending requirements in the distribution chain

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