August 2011

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Business Briefs

David Robertson is chief operating officer at Ze-Gen and will lead the company's operations and technology development.

Business Briefs

By Staff



While organic waste-to-biogas power technologies are common in Europe, they are first-of-a-kind in most U.S. states and need to prove themselves before they can become a trend.

Besides edging toward sustainability goals, a unique biodigester on the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh campus will also provide learning opportunities, and eventually financial assistance, for students.

A five-farm digester venture in Massachusetts could be a game-changer for struggling dairy farmers.

Missouri has ample resources for a booming anaerobic digestion sector, but surprisingly few parties have taken advantage of the enormous opportunity.

Why substantial progress hasn't been made—and why it will

Sewer sludge, food and beverage wastes and plastics can provide abundant feedstock for biorefineries located onsite

R&D centers can offer important infrastructure and networking benefits to startups as they work toward commercialization

Green Fuels America spearheads an innovative approach to vertically integrated, community-scale project development

RFS2 mandates biodiesel production, but local communities need a cooperative approach

BIOJET FEED: Earli­er this year, Rentech received approval by the Province of Ontario, Canada, to ob­tain a long-term supply of up to 1.3 million tons per year of Crown timber for the com­pany’s planned biobased jet fuel project, Project Olympia

ASTM Approval

By Bryan Sims

Hydroprocessed biojet achieves significant milestone toward commercialization


Are we headed for a pine pulpwood shortage in the U.S. South?

Biomass standards are variations of coal and petroleum coke standards, but as the use of biomass increases governing standards agencies may have to come up with more specific procedures.

Defeating NIMBYism

By Al Maiorino

Overcome project opposition through strategic offense and building a local alliance

Quick and Dirty Feedstock Characterization

By Christina Borgese and Marc Privitera

Practical advice for cash-strapped community-scale biodiesel plants

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