January 2012

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Business Briefs

Kevin Young

Business Briefs

By Staff

Business Briefs

By Algae Technology & Business Staff

Advanced Biofuels


With port and rail expansions under development, Maine is on the cusp of entering the wood pellet export market.

Biomass power projects are not immune to failure, but with strong partnerships and careful planning, they can be successful.

Why some algae companies thrive and some don't survive

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign researchers transform animal wastes and algae into biocrude

A new Netherlands research park aims to overcome obstacles to commercial-scale algae production

Is a lifetime of research and an established algae company enough?

South Dakota State University researchers develop an algae production system for use in space … and on Earth


For the right project, in the right area, the New Market Tax Credit program can inject much-needed capital into expanding businesses.

The French government wants you there

Options are available for building the algae industry out

Growing nutrition demand leads straight to the source of omega-3s

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