June 2012

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Business Briefs

Stan Parton

Business Briefs

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TALKING POINTS: Biomass industry leaders discuss election year growth at the International Biomass Conference & Expo. From left: moderator Tim Portz, BBI International, Gary Melow, BPA; Joseph Seymour, BTEC; Jennifer Hedrick, PFI; Michael McAdams, AB

Biomass A Mile High

By Lisa Gibson, Anna Simet and Luke Geiver

The 2012 International Biomass Conference & Expo in the Mile High City drew attendees from around the world, eager to learn and meet others who share their passion

Bioenergy from farm waste can help solve well-known runoff issues in the Chesapeake Bay

The race is on to commercialize low-cost, high-quality sugars from nonfood sources

A new model developed by University of Illinois researchers can help increase biomass supply chain efficiencies

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