April 2016

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Business Briefs

Business Briefs

By Erin Voegele


Bob Cleaves

Biomass Power's Momentum in Maine

By Bob Cleaves



STAYING ALIVE: Rio Bravo Fresno is one of only a couple dozen biomass power plants that are still operating in California, which at its peak hosted more than 60 facilities.

Staving Off a Sunset

By Bruce Dorminey

While California's biomass power industry continues its struggle for survival, fuel suppliers are left without a home for mounting materials.

Increased reductions of greenhouse gas emissions from transportation fuels required by California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard are driving up carbon credit prices, demand for advanced biofuels and imports.

Even though Europe is home to tried-and-true biogas technology, North American plant developers don't necessarily look abroad.

As the global wood pellet market grows, so does the need for marketplace efficiencies enjoyed by the world's largest commodities.


Ireland's forestry sector, a major economic driver in the country, is poised for growth along with the bioenergy industry.

If forest restoration projects in the Inland Northwest region were to become major suppliers of woody biomass for bioenergy, government subsidies in the form of tax credits, loan guarantees or other types of financial aid will be essential.

Georgia's Randolph County has much to offer a pellet mill or renewable fuel plant developer.

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