May 2016

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Business Briefs


Business Briefs

By Erin Voegele


Bob Cleaves

Biomass at a Crossroads

By Bob Cleaves



Near Manchester, United Kingdom, Dong Energy is constructing the first biogas plant using its REnescience technology that treats unsorted household waste with enzymes.

Three forms of wood waste got the green light under the U.S. EPA's nonhazardous secondary materials rule, but the amended regulation's impact appears narrow.


Increasing biofuel demand will require next-generation laboratory software solutions.

Forest2Market data disproves claims regarding the wood pellet export industry and its impacts on forest inventory and fiber prices.

Built in 1974, Quebec’s energy-from-waste facility was designed to incinerate the city’s municipal garbage at a rate of 280,000 tons per year, and generate $10 million annually by selling steam to a nearby pulp and paper plant.

Out With the Old

By Linda Graham

The city of Quebec has achieved major cost savings by replacing its 34-year-old cranes with modern, automated versions.


Biomass heating installations in northern Vermont are far from sparse.

Hurst Boiler is equipped with the knowledge, technology and drive to expand global waste-to-energy applications.

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