December 2016

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Business Briefs


Business Briefs

By Erin Voegele


William Strauss

Maximizing Decarbonization, Maintaining Grid Reliability

By William Strauss



Leveraging sea routes that connect to vast quantities of regional biomass, combined-heat-and-power stations across Scandinavia are retooling to capitalize on the carbon-neutral fuel.


BIOMASS OR BUST: The 550-MW Boardman Power Station is the last coal-burning plant in Oregon, and will likely shut down by 2020 if it renders torrefied biomass as uneconomic or unfeasible fuel replacement.

Trial by Fire

By Anna Simet

Continuing its years-long investigation of whether torrefied biomass could extend its life, Boardman Power Station is prepping to undergo a substantive test burn.

Chip Energy's unique biomass recycling venture will turn waste wood into wood pellets, briquettes and more.

The Canadian city of Surrey, British Columbia, prepares to open a new biogas plant fed by its residents' kitchen scraps and yard waste, the fuel from which will power its collection fleet of CNG vehicles.

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