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Business Briefs


Business Briefs

By Lisa Gibson


Bob Cleaves

Emphasizing Biomass Benefits on State Levels

By Bob Cleaves



As temperatures fall and the demand for fuel increases, the challenges for biomass aggregators increase. Two industry veterans talk about what it takes to keep material moving, and fires burning.

In California, several large-scale biomass power plants have new leases on life via five-year power purchase agreements and stipulations to use high-hazard forest material. Meanwhile, a new wave of small-scale plants continues to navigate developme

Structural design, dust management and fire safety features are making domes a popular choice for large-scale wood pellet storage.


Cost-conscious energy asset managers should look to a natural gas blend to maximize market opportunities afforded by biogas.

When procuring recycling and biomass fuel preparation technology for the future, should operators prioritize speed, or throughput?

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