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Business Briefs

By Biomass Magazine



Wood Bioenergy, Forest Products Sectors Needed Now More Than Ever

By Brian Rogers



Innovations in biomass harvesting, hauling and transport are reducing raw material costs for end users. From large-scale harvests to small-scale logging, foresters are pairing smart technique with novel equipment to get jobs done more efficiently.

In less than four years, Brightmark has made major inroads in the U.S. renewable natural gas market. It's successes include multiple, concurrently developed RNG projects across the the country, which include partnerships with 20-plus dairy farms.

Year over year, the 2019-'20 heating season in the U.S. was warmer, but production, sales and revenue were up. Lower feedstock costs drove higher seasonal production, alleviating widespread industry concerns about low inventory from last year.


After 35 years of open-air composting, Zurich's recently-opened anaerobic digestion facility can process 25,000 tons of organic municipal solid waste annually, producing biogas for power generation and high-grade organic fertilizer.

Biomass Supply Chain Risk Standards could boost investment in the bioeconomy by de-risking investment and accelerating capital flow to new projects. With adoption of the concept growing, support from industry and government appears to be growing.

Increasing wood fiber costs continue to challenge western Canada's export pellet sector. In particular, producers continue to struggle with fiber availability and quality as a result of sawmill curtailments in British Columbia.

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