2021 BMM Quarter 3

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Business Briefs

Business Briefs

By Biomass Magazine



Firefighters work the Bobcat Wildfire, which started in September 2020. Contained in December, it burned 115,796 acres, one of the largest fires on record in Los Angeles County.

On Fire

By Anna Simet


Seven years after California's emergency proclamation to expedite the use of high-hazard forest material at bioenergy facilities, some progress is imminent—but why has it taken so long?

The domestic wood pellet industry met with optimism in Louisville, Kentucky, in early June. Many bright spots are bolstering business, but a nagging issue seems to be plaguing all supply chain segments: employees.


REMBE treats explosion safety as an engineering discipline guided by science, research and experience.

Addressing major questions early on the biomass boiler development process can help save valuable time and money.

Entering the forest industry can be intimidating for women in a traditionally male-dominated workforce, but positive changes are leveling the playing field.

Cyber-attacks and ransomware are a threat to energy assets, but there are tools to protect plants against loss of data, time and money.

The management of risk continues to dominate conversations with forest industry professionals, even as firms continue to invest capital into increasing capacity at sawmills, pulp mills and pellet plants.

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